Our Mission

The Brighton Ski Team is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing an opportunity for young skiers to develop competitive skills and short- and long-term athletic and competition goals; while having fun and developing positive attitudes towards competition and the necessary work that goes into becoming a serious athlete and competitor


Throughout the ski season, team members are continually challenged through numerous opportunities to compete in a variety of venues. Each race affords competitors the ability to demonstrate the skills that they will have learned throughout the season.

Team Competition

The Brighton Ski Team is composed of young skiers ranging in age from 6 to 18 years of age; with each team learning the basics of racing technique. Competitors are encourage to compete in races in order to do their personal best and get the experience on a race course that is necessary to move on to the next level of racing ability.

Our Coaches

The coaches are responsible for developing and motivating our athletes to bring our their best. They are all experienced coaches and teachers, and love sharing their racing and skiing experience with our young racers.

Our Mountain

Brighton Ski Resort is located at the end of Big Cottonwood Canyon Road, and Brighton Ski Team calls this beautiful resort “home”. The Brighton Ski Team is a ski racing team. Since 1994, young athletes have trained at Brighton up to four days a week with their coaches, and many team members come up in their free time to enjoy the mountain and a day of free-skiing.

  • Savannah at Big Sky U14 Champs
    The Brighton Ski Team, founded in 1994, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing an opportunity for young skiers to develop competitive skills and short- and long-term athletic and competition goals, all while having fun and developing positive attitudes towards competition and the necessary work that goes into becoming a serious athlete and competitor. The Team is based on sportsmanship, friendship and the ideal of fair competition. We offer race programs for motivated young athletes ages 6 to 18. Training is two to four days per week, at Brighton Ski Resort. We race in the Intermountain Division of the US Ski Association (USSA), in the Youth Ski League (YSL) for our younger racers and in the South Series for our developmental racers. More advanced athletes race in higher-level races as well. For the latest training news, please be sure to check this website for updates. For more team information and Continue Reading...

News & Updates

  • Saturday Review 2/13/16
    I hope you all had some tired kids Saturday afternoon! Our group worked up a sweat first thing in the morning and continued that level of training through the heat of the Spring-like day. Your athletes worked very hard on drills and gate training for all but two free-runs. Plus we had a fun break taking goofy team pictures! In preparation to race slalom, we have been working on short radius turns. As a group, the biggest need was to increase intensity and range of motion of their pressuring movements – flexing and extending ankles, knees, hips, and spine. This bends the skis more (de-camber), creating a smaller arc in the snow and an energetic rebound out of the skis as they un-bend (re-camber). We did this through a progression of drills around a “hop turn”. Hop turns are difficult if done inefficiently. From a stop, the skier hops off Continue Reading...
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  • Don Gale Memorial Race Review
    What a great race weekend! Congratulations to our group’s medal winners – Talia Shilling Rabin with a gold medal, Nik Kath, and Aurora Railsback! We also had 13 other BST athletes bring home hardware! Saturday was pretty much a coach’s dream day. Everyone in our group stepped up this weekend. I think all 12 athletes attacked the course more, taking tighter lines with increased edge angels. Our group also showed some much appreciated maturity. I asked them to be responsible for getting themselves to their race starts while doing Milly laps with partners. This was the first time they have been given that kind of independence, and they handled it well! This age is so curious, how they go back and forth from being little kids to big kids, irresponsible to responsible, almost hourly. I never know if I’m going to be met by the dark side or the light Continue Reading...
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  • YSL Review-Race Preview 1/17/16
    Dear BST parents, We had a great practice on Saturday! Besides skiing some fun powder, we spent the day running GS gates to prepare for our Park City race. Our focus was mainly tactical; line choice, starts, and tucking. While everyone’s line was higher in the course – turns finishing around the bottom of the gates, most of the group is skiing way too wide around the gates. Turning closer to the gates, tightening the line to ski less distance, will be our focus for Tuesday night’s practice. You should have received an email from Garrett on Saturday with details for the meeting time and place at Park City. Please plan to arrive at PCMR very early to reduce stress on your athlete and yourself. It is much easier on everyone to get up earlier than to arrive late. Please make sure your athlete is well rested, hydrated, and has Continue Reading...
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  • YSL Weekend Review 1/15/16 – Coach Deb
    Hello BST parents, Thank you again for all of your hard work on the Hartlauer Memorial race! Our group gained a lot of insights through observing racing, fore-running the course, or racing in this difficult event. Thanks again to those athletes who came up on Sunday just to fore-run. I am sure it was a valuable experience heading into out first YSL race. You will receive more information next week, but here is a list to begin preparations for our first race next Saturday the 23rd at Park City. Please label your athletes’ team coat, yellow fleece, and zip off pants with a ribbon with their name on it. This is the only way to efficiently sort through 25 identical black coats at a race. Writing the name somewhere on the inside is not good enough for a coach or athlete to easily find a coat. A ribbon with no Continue Reading...
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  • YSL Holiday Review
    I would like to thank all the parents and athletes for attending training camps during the holidays! I know there were challenges and it was brutally cold, so your efforts to get your athletes on the mountain are greatly appreciated. What a difference a few weeks can make! The storms created a wide range of opportunities for skill improvement and growth for our team. The first three days of camp we focused on powder skiing. We worked on the skill adjustments necessary to ski deep powder. This involved drills to emphasize pressuring (flex/extend) and rotational movements (foot and leg steering). We did flat ski drills like whirlybirds and pivot turns. When the storm came we added a powder bounce that got slower in rate as the snow got deeper. Being racers, these athletes’ strong skill tends to be edging with the outside ski. Working on the opposite end of the Continue Reading...
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  • YSL Review 12/12/15
    We finally got some snow – yeah! It came just in time for night training and our extra holiday camps. Tuesday night training starts tonight. Athletes should be ready to ski at 5:00. We will be finished training at the A-frame at 8:00. It will be quite cold for night training throughout January, so please make sure your athlete has hand warmers, a neck gaiter, extra layers, snacks, some money for hot chocolate, and is well hydrated! Typically, we use Tuesday nights to set courses for athletes to gate train, giant slalom gates and slalom stubbies, unless the powder is deep, then we powder ski! Parents are welcome to observe their athletes running gates and are encouraged to help with course set up and break down. We have four additional holiday camps coming up on the next two Mondays and Tuesdays, 12/21-22 and 12/28-29 . There will not be night Continue Reading...
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